April 28, 2011

It's been confirmed...

Everything IS bigger in Texas.

I had the opportunity to go to Dallas Texas over Easter weekend to see my brand new niece get her baby blessing. It was beautiful.

While I was there we went shopping at the local mall which actually had a carousel in it.

It was a little larger than our local shopping center.

Zachary was also bigger in Texas than he was in Idaho.

(Granted it was last August)

Even Corey's mustache is much larger in Texas.

I was also able to go downtown and see the historical site where JFK was assassinated. The street he was driving on is still being driven on today. They have marked it with an X where the first shot hit him and another X where the fatal head shot hit. I ran out and got a picture standing on the last X. It felt a little creepy.

Then I snapped a shot from there of the infamous "grassy knoll" and one of the building where Lee Harvey Oswald was.

It was a quick trip but it was so good to see some of my family that lives so far away.

April 18, 2011

My Dad

My dad had a bit of a scary day on Friday. He went to the doctor to get his foot checked on because he broke it a little while back and has a boot on it. As he was leaving the parking lot, he hit the side of another car that was leaving the parking lot. They exchanged information and decided to go over to the body shop and see what it would take to get it fixed. On the way over there he got distracted and veered off to the side of the road and hit a parked car but instead of hitting the break his boot on his foot hit the gas and didn't come off right away. The accident resulted in a five car pile up one of the cars flipped upside down onto someones lawn, breaking their fence and another car was completely smashed leaving the engine in the back seat. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. However, my dad obviously isn't quite right. His eyes were bloodshot. His reactions were slow. He couldn't communicate quite right. This isn't the first time he has ever acted like this. So my mom took him to the hospital as she has before and they ran every test they could think of and came back with nothing. Same result as before. The doctor looked right at my dad and said, I can see that there is something wrong with you but I can't find it in these tests. So he referred my dad to a cardiologist and a neurologist and and he will go from there. It is so frustrating not knowing what it is or what his limits really are. My dad is only 57 years old. He is not ready to give up his license or leave his job. I am really worried about him. I love and miss him very much. Please include him in your prayers.

April 10, 2011

A Good Book

Okay. Okay. I'll blog. I will do just about anything to avoid another post like that last one. So I will try to post much more often, but I can't promise it will be interesting or entertaining. On a random note. I need a little bit of input. I have been itching to read a really good book lately. The last one that I read that was really good was one that a good friend of mine suggested called Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson. I liked that one so while I was at the library I picked up another random one by James Patterson, but it was a huge dissapointment! The story line was good but the more I got into it the worse the language got and I finally just dropped it. So I need a suggestion for a really good book. I don't think I can just pick something at random again. So tell me what you have read and loved.