August 24, 2010

On the road again...

8:15pm Friday the 20th - We stumbled in the door and crashed on the couch with suitcases and garbage all over the floor.

11:45pm Thursday the 19th - I convinced Mr. Incredible that we needed to stop driving and stay the night at my parents house. He reluctantly stopped because the kids were all peacefully sleeping. The next morning bright and early my dad took advantage of a golfing partner and they hit the course. When they got back we picked my mom up from the airport and had lunch. From there we hit the road again and drove the last 7 1/2 hours home.

5:30pm Thursday the 19th - We reached Bountiful Utah and stopped at Sheila's house, after driving 6 hours from Las Vegas. She of course showered the kids with gifts and then took us out to Texas Roadhouse. We met up with all of Mr. Incredible's siblings except for Jenny (we missed ya). It was good to see them and good to be out of the car for a moment in time.

9:30 pm Sunday the 15th - Drove right into the lights of Las Vegas. We had the privilege of staying the night at my sisters house. Her kids absolutely adore Mr. Incredible, of course. So they were thrilled to see him and I was thrilled to see my sis. We spent the day hanging out by her pool and, well, taking care of kids of course. Between the two of us we have 8! That evening we headed over to Grandpa Jewkes and Grandma Liz' house. They also have a beautiful pool in the backyard so the kids took another dip. Mr. Incredible spent Monday and Tuesday at a PGA convention where he got to meet Paul Azinger and he also saw Shae from the biggest loser. I spent it with my sister we got ourselves a pedicure and chatted a lot. She watched my kids Tuesday night while we went to a wonderful steak dinner with David and Liz! That night she also got called to be the new early morning seminary teacher in her stake. Talk about a calling! She will be great at it. Then on Wednesday we took advantage of her one more time and we went golfing with David. It was a beautiful course, really hot out, but a lot of fun.

12:30 pm Sunday the 15th - After driving a measly three hours Mr. Incredible was able to reunite with his all time favorite restaurant Lorena's. Then we spent some time visiting at Grandma Jewkes' house. We were able to visit with everyone there except for Jill (we missed seeing your kids.) Then we finished the drive 6 more hours to Las Vegas.

8:20 pm Saturday the 14th - The kids were starting to get a bit too restless after about 8 hours, so we stopped to break up the drive in Idaho Falls and we stayed the night at my parents house. We ate some dinner and hit the sack to prepare for another big day of driving.

11:00 am Saturday the 14th - Excitedly we set off for a journey down to Las Vegas, Nevada.

All in all we drove about 36 hours and the total trip was only 6 days. The kids were actually really good believe it or not, but I don't think we will be doing that again any time soon. Sorry there aren't any good pictures to share, I wasn't feeling my best.

11,680 days old!

Happy Birthday Mr. Incredible!

We love you.

August 14, 2010

Check This Out

The headline in the newspaper says, "The Future of Great Golf." And pictured there is Mr. Incredible, Violet, and Dash. Pretty cool don't ya think.

August 11, 2010

Better safe than sorry

A good friend of mine had an unfortunate incident happen to her that might have been the result of giving out too much information on her blog or on the internet in general. The sad thing is she is much more careful than most about her identity. Nonetheless there are jerks out there and these types of things can happen to anyone. So just to be a bit more careful I have changed the name on my profile to just say Elasta-Girl that is what it will say when I comment on your blogs. Also, when commenting about us if you would please try not to use our real names I would greatly appreciate it. I know it seems silly but I enjoy blogging since so much of our family lives so far away, but I don't want to be too careless and then regret it either.