May 22, 2010

Jack Jack

He is literally into everything lately!

May 09, 2010

REALLY?! With Elasta Girl and Mr. Incredible

~Last week I took Jack Jack to the nursery so that I could teach my class of 6 year olds and he stayed! But about 10 munutes later Sister Primary President brought him back to me and told me that he was not allowed in there until he is 18 month old.
This was two weeks until he was technically old enough. So it is better to distract a class of 10 kids than to take a child to the nursery a few weeks early. WOW! REALLY?!
Since when is the primary considered a tough process to be a part of? I mean do we need applications and a list of references to have my 18 month old play with old germ laden toys and eat old Ritz crackers that have been in the storage closet since David O. McKay!

~And get this the other day I was driving the kids to soccor when Violet with a great deal of attitude shouts, "Mom you forgot my H...2.....O!"


My six year old daughter is now citing elements from the periodic table. I mean REALLY?! Am I getting dumber by the second? Really....H2O???? Whatever happened to the little kid wearing rough rider pants, with dirt 2 inches thick on the back of his neck, willing to give up his life for a grape soda!!!!!! I mean REALLY....

~And while we're at it Kobe Bryant!.........REALLY?!
Do we have to watch this guy celebrate one more time? I mean really the guy is the most arrogant over hyped player in the league. REALLY.

Kobe Bryant. Really? Really? Are we still talking about him...He reminds me of a troll, he has the face of a convicted rapist without the jail time...I mean really, can we please rally around the Boston Celtics for hte next few weeks and get hte job done, and rip away any success from him...If he picks up another chapmpionship and gets his second ring since Shaq left I think I might puke all over myself....Kobe really, he is a bad guy, why does he get off scot free and Ben Roethlisberger is being hounded like a criminal without even doing anything. Kobe really, really the comparison to Michael Jordan is so far off, it's like comparing a white guy who can't jump, to a blak guy who plays golf. REALLY?!!! REALLY!

May 04, 2010

To all you Moms

As many of you know I recently had a birthday. So I was asked, "what do you want for your birthday?" I don't know what I want. So I decided to confide in those I spend the most time with, my kids, afterall I spend all day everyday with them so they should know me the best.

I said: "Kids what should I get for my birthday?"

After putting much thought into their answers they sincerely responded with what they thought I would like the best!

Dash said: "I know mom. Scentsy stuff."

Violet with great excitement said: "Cleaning Supplies!"

Well, there you have it. Mom in a nutshell. I sell Scentsy and I do housework.

So my question to all of you mothers out there, and I want you to put a lot of thought into it, is what would you choose to do all day if there was no outside work, cleaning house, laundry, dishes etc. I have been doing the mommy grind for so long now that I had a hard time coming up with something that I would like for myself.

So as a Mother's Day gift to yourself. Dig deep, think about it, who are you outside of the daily grind? Then share it with us.