March 22, 2010

8 Years and Counting

Dear Mr. Incredible,

On this day 8 years ago
There were a lot of things I didn't know
I knew I loved you and that we would be
Together for time and all eternity.
But there are things and I'll list eight That I found out a little too late.

I didn't know that...
1. You'd find enjoyment out of dumping cold water on me while I am taking a hot shower.
2. You'd always steal my glass of water and pour pop into it.
3. You were insanely observant and you'd use it to make fun of me.
4. You would cry at things like Hallmark commercials and finding Nemo.
5. I thought that you would outgrow tackling me in the aisles of the grocery store.
6. You'd paint my toenails.
7. You'd give me compliments daily, even when I smell like spit up.
8. You'd always be the first to say "I'm sorry."

When you asked me to marry you 8 years ago
I didn't even think about saying, "no."
Since then you've learned a lot about me
Some faults and weaknesses I'm sure you agree.
But you've stuck by my side and loved me the same
Anticipating any of my needs that came.
You make me laugh everyday
Tell me its all going to be okay
Show me how to have fun and play
So there may be things that I didn't know
And the plans we had didn't really go
And I'm sure that I don't still fit into that dress
But if you asked me again today, I'd still say YES.

March 13, 2010

All about Life

Hello again, everyone out there in the blogging world. I have decided to make a few changes on my blog. I don't want to go private because I am afraid that some of you will miss out as I have on other blogs that have gone private, but I still wanted to be aware of the blogging dangers so I have just opted to change all of our names. These characters seem to fit our family quite well. So I do have the internet once again and my sis-in-law is telling me to vow to post once a week, I don't know if that will happen but I will promise to post as regularly as I can. I am just really excited about being able to read all of your blogs again.

Mr. Incredible is getting busy at work again. The course opened full force on March 1st and he is the only one running the show right now. We are very excited about this season because there have been a lot of changes around the shop. One of which is that my brother is going to be moving up here and working at the course. We can't wait to have his family here and have cousins to play with.
Violet is loving school still. She really gets into the AR program. She stays in from recess to read books and take tests on them several times a week. Lately, she is really enjoying the Magic Tree House series. (because Junie B is kind of for babies)
Dash and Violet will both be playing T-ball and Soccer this season. They are going to be on the same team but we are still going to be running around crazy, but Dash is really excited. He will be turning 5 in April and he has already planned out his entire Star Wars birthday.
Jack Jack is almost 16 months now and he is just barely starting to take a few steps. He has also developed a little temper! Church is just 3 hours of wandering the halls so hopefully he will warm up to that nursery leader soon.
I have been working a little bit doing bookeeping, but most of my time is still spent keeping up with the kids. I am looking forward to getting out and golfing a little more this year.

We miss everyone and would love for you to come and visit!