May 14, 2012

Here’s the Tour


Hey look at this a little bit of internet access! There is a world out there. 

So as you know.  We moved. 

Troy took a little train ride back to Idaho to get us (which he loved) and then we packed up the beastly 26 foot truck and left our little paradise in hopes to find a new one.  As soon as we got here the kids wanted to go see the Ocean.  Michael doesn’t understand why the sharks are no where to be seen and he thinks the ocean is called Oregon.  So every day he says Mom, can we go to Oregon and find the Sharks? 

Everyone keeps asking me to post so that they can see pictures of our house.  So let me just begin by saying that we did not have the same luck in finding a house that we had in Idaho.  I am too skeptical to buy a house and apparently renting your house out is a new age futuristic thing and this town is stuck in 1989.  So we are stuck with the property management company as our only option and a duplex is the best they could do for us.  Which is fine.  Let me just take you through the tour. 


Here is the garage.  (yes this picture was taken after we unpacked.)


Here is our Laundry Room


This is the kitchen.  Our chairs to this table didn’t make the move so we are using our stools. (and a bin)


This is our living room.  Caution: Objects in this picture may be closer than they appear. 


Now for my favorite part.  Here is the bathroom.  I am really standing flat footed to take this picture.  So you can imagine how fun it is to watch Troy get ready in the morning.  :) 

Our bedroom is downstairs and there are two bedrooms upstairs, but for the first two weeks we were here we couldn’t use the upstairs because there was a leak and they were working on getting it fixed.  Now that the kids are upstairs it really isn’t all that bad.  I like to joke about it but we really are getting use to it.  Besides there are some really great parks here that we have found and lots and lots of beach not to mention we still have access to a golf course anytime we want so we have spent a lot of time outside.  I decided not to put the kids in school because it is so close to the end of the year so they will get to enjoy a long summer vacation while we get to know the area.

The move was well worth it so far because Troy loves his job.  The owner of this golf course is a great guy and he is letting Troy incorporate all of his innovative ideas.  It has been a lot of work so far for Troy, but when you work for someone who appreciates your hard work it makes it all worthwhile. 

The last time I posted was about my new twin nephews and then I didn’t get the chance to update on how things went with Jayce.  If you want to follow how he is doing you can go here to read a little bit about what he is going through.

April 07, 2012

Bryce and Jayce


Yesterday Rachelle brought these two beautiful baby boys into the world.  Jayce came out first weighing in at 6lbs 12oz, then came Bryce weighing 6lbs 5oz.  They are so beautiful.  I brought the heard of her three oldest kids and my three kids into the hospital this morning.  I am sure that we wore her out even more than she already was, but they were dying to see their new baby brother.  Kaysha moved right in as mom’s right hand woman. 

Bryce and Jace 001 Bryce and Jace 002 Bryce and Jace 007Bryce and Jace 011

Kaysha was holding Bryce in these pictures. 

I snuck in and stole some pictures of his little toes and fingers.

Bryce and Jace 005Bryce and Jace 004   

Here is Bryce up close. 

Bryce and Jace 018Bryce and Jace 019

Jayce was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate so he is being monitored in the NICU.  So far he is doing really good. I didn’t get to hold him but I did slip in and take a few pictures of him. 

 Bryce and Jace 013 Bryce and Jace 014 

 Bryce and Jace 016 Bryce and Jace 015

Rachelle was nice enough to let Kaylee hold Bryce too.  She loved it. 

Bryce and Jace 020 Bryce and Jace 024 Bryce and Jace 008

Kenzi brought her pink camera with her so that she could help me get some good pictures.

March 31, 2012



Here is the link to the General Conference Packet that I made last year that is really simple for younger kids.  I have posted it again if you wanted to use it.

General Conference Packet

March 25, 2012

Proud Parenting Moment


Today after church I asked my kids to go out to the van and wait for me while I took care of something.  I like to think that I have fairly good kids and that they can handle walking outside, getting in the van, and sitting quietly for a few minutes without me.  I knew that they would be safe because the parking lot was full of ward members that we know and love.  However, apparently my parental judgment was a little off this time because  I walked out of the building to find my 6 year old son, TJ, running circles around the van singing (or rather shouting)  “I’m sexy and I know it!”  Oh, and remember that parking lot full of ward members that we know and love, yes they were all witnesses.  So should I take the award now or do we have to wait until December to find out who the mother of the year is?

March 14, 2012

Hockey Game


We had a fun night out with the whole family and went to a hockey game.  The kids got their noise makers, which Michael used as a light saber.  Then we enjoyed some hot dogs and nachos and watched some hockey.  I was surprised at how much the kids got into it.  TJ was very distraught that our home team lost, but it was still fun to cheer them on.

   054 055 056 058 059 068060 061 062 063 065 070

March 05, 2012

Called to Serve


Elder Troy Paul Jewkes has hereby been called to labor as a head golf professional in the Oregon section of the PGA.  Troy served a two year LDS mission in the Eugene Oregon mission field and is very excited to be returning to his “people”.  We are sad to be leaving such a wonderful place and to be leaving so many great friends that we have made while living here, but I feel very strongly that this new adventure is a true blessing in our lives.   I know that Troy will do a fantastic job with the golf operations of the course he will now be managing.  He is so passionate about he game of golf and that shines through the work that he does and the lessons that he teaches.  You can’t help but love the game while you are in his presence.  We still have a lot of details to work out and I am not looking forward to the actual move, but we will let you all know when we have settled in our new home and hopefully we will be able to use the Oregon Coast as an enticement for visitors.

February 27, 2012

Mom’s Monday



Mirror  Minute

Make-up, Mess with Mane

Mini Wheats

Midgets Migrate

Mom & Michael to Market


Miserable Mistake

Mountain Dew, Milk Chocolate, Mystical Moment

Midday Meal

Moose A. Moose Marathon

Michael’s Mesmerized

Melody Makes Me Mental

Magnify Mormon Mission

Midgets Manifest

Mess Manifests

Munch, Munch


Manage Mundane Maintenance

Magnificent Meal of Macaroni

Mail, Magazine


Milder Mannerisms

Move to Mattresses

Meditate Mentioning My Meagerness, More Mercies, More Miracles

Mom’s Monday