April 29, 2010

Gimme 5

5 Years old and Feeling Strong!

April 25, 2010

Dash's Birthday Party

Dash had been planning this party since February. He had a vision of a Star Wars party with levels just like the video game. Some of his requests were a little extreme, but we did our best. These were the invitations.

When everyone arrived they were greeted by our little Luke and Leigha look alikes.

The Star Wars theme song was playing and there were Chewbacca Chips, Sith Salsa, and Yoda Soda to start things off. Then they were given a jedi robe and a badge while Master Jedi Dash explained to them that they were padawans seeking the training to become a Jedi Knight and he would be their Master. They were suppose to pass 4 levels of training.

The first level was to build a lightsaber. These were the hit of the party and luckily they were foam. Even Yoda joined in on the fun.

The next level to pass was a little lightsaber training. Jedi Master Dash taught them all his "moves" to prepare them for the last level.

Then for the third level they all took turns on Sebulba's Podracer. This was also a big hit.

The padawans were then ready to take on the one and only Darth Vader for their final level of training. It was a good fight but in the end the Jedi prevailed.

They were all given certificates for their achievements in becoming a Jedi Knight.

Of course there was cake and ice cream and he opened presents.

It was lots of fun and the kids costumes were really cute. Especially Yoda (Thanks Noelle)

April 07, 2010

Easter Fun

On Saturday we had a full day planned with lots of fun for the kids. All outdoor activities of course. We woke up to find this

But that didn't stop these kids...So the day began.

They woke up to little Easter baskets

But we hadn't had a chance to paint eggs yet so we had to make sure and do that before anything else!

Then it was off to the park for the easter egg hunt.

We went from there to the first soccer game of the season. They are both on the same team. It stopped snowing, but the wind picked up instead of the temperature.

We left there and went straight to the Easter party with some members in our ward. Where they got to color more eggs and then do another hunt. They loved it.

It was a lot for one day but they loved it. When we got home they were so excited to tell dad all about it. Especially Jack Jack.
Then on Easter Sunday we were able to relax and enjoy conference.