March 27, 2011

Troy is posting on a blog now......these are the last days!

Well....Well.....Well.... Greetings out there to all you BLOGGERS!! I thought since Cher has not posted anything since 1987 on our blog I would jump on this thing, and see what it is all about. Yep....just like I thought I don't know what to say now....anyway It was sad to see Jimmer go, I thought BYU a much more talented team than Florida, we just could not get our players to hit those shots we saw go in all season in that second half...we still forced overtime, but if Collinsworth makes that 2nd free throw we are beating Butler and going to the final four, but great run cougs, thanks Jimmer, Jackson, and the boys, and everyone pay %15 more tithing this month so Coach Rose can get a raise and not leave us for the team up North (I hate them so much I can't even use their name) Cher is now the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's org. in our "salt of the earth" ward as Shiela would say. She is not excited about leaving her kids many times this summer, for girls camp, conferences, etc... but I just want her to know how proud I am of her, and how lucky those girls are to get to know my best friend. she will be incredible at it, so all of you out there join me in prayer for Cher! She is gonna rock it!

Kaylee continues to be a star student; she is adding to her list of read books almost daily, I think she has 18 books or so read cover to cover; I on the other hand have I think 8 to my credit...before you scoff however read the titles, I think they will speak for themselves, "Book of Mormon", "New Testament", "D&C", "Pearl of GP", "The truth about 9/11", "The Peacemaker", "Fearless Golf", & the pearl of the group "The Indian in the Cupboard", timeless classic.

T.J. is my sensitive guy, he cries easily, loves to play with his little brother, and loves to make his big sister upset, (a boy after my own heart) he loves kindergarten and is having a great time in his class. His favorite sport is Ping Pong, so USA national team here we come.

Michael is my crazy boy, he loves balls, he loves to watch golf on TV with his daddy, and whenever someone misses a putt on TV he let's them have it, very unforgiving; he doesn't understand that most putts don't drop he simply won't let it go, very funny.

We have opened up the golf course for the season, and I am just starting to get really busy, I hope all of you can come up and play some golf, kick your feet up, and get away from all the rushing around down their in Davis County, and others. I love you all, see you soon.