March 25, 2012

Proud Parenting Moment


Today after church I asked my kids to go out to the van and wait for me while I took care of something.  I like to think that I have fairly good kids and that they can handle walking outside, getting in the van, and sitting quietly for a few minutes without me.  I knew that they would be safe because the parking lot was full of ward members that we know and love.  However, apparently my parental judgment was a little off this time because  I walked out of the building to find my 6 year old son, TJ, running circles around the van singing (or rather shouting)  “I’m sexy and I know it!”  Oh, and remember that parking lot full of ward members that we know and love, yes they were all witnesses.  So should I take the award now or do we have to wait until December to find out who the mother of the year is?


the Horton Hurricane said...

Ha ha I can just see him Troy would have been so proud. But can we share the award because this last Saturday Brooke and Kobe got sunburned to a crisp. I let them sit at 2 high school baseball games of Masons (high school meaning long) and I didn't bring sunscreen their poor faces at church were so red

Par 5 said...

Hey, there are plenty of "Mother of the Year" awards to go around, believe me. I've already earned several this year--

But seriously, I think TJ running around yelling stuff like that is hilarious. But really, that can't be the most shocking thing the PR ward has ever seen or heard...I can think of a couple of worse things... ;)

grandma to 16 said...

what a scream!!!! kids sure keep ya humble.....~(smile)